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With the TimeSlots, forms and appointment scheduling are combined to gain immediate insight into your prospects so you can close more effectively... And more quickly!

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Simple Scheduling

Let your customers and clients book a time with you, quickly and easily, right from your website!

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What Are Users Saying?

Here's some of the feedback that we've been getting...

Daniel Chiteji

As a marketer, it’s important for me to keep my finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding the different problems business owners face with their advertising.

Timeslots is my virtual assistant when it comes to scheduling calls with prospective clients. It’s VERY user friendly and a must have tool for all business owners.

Daniel Chiteji
Rochelle Odubela

I absolutely love Timeslots! Before timeslots, I would create a contact form with a “When is the best time to contact you” question with checkbox options for days and times for them to choose. This was no good because the potential client couldn’t actually book a call with me. I would still have to email them to find out when they are available. This process was a time waster as you’re emailing back and forth all the time.

Timeslots solved this problem as the client can book a time suitable for them that I already know will work for me because it’s in my calendar! Not only this, you can ask questions before they book a time meaning you can get to the meat of call so much quicker as you already know a bit about the person you’re going to speak with.

The other features I like are the PayPal integration, Google calendar integration, embed functionality so you can put it on your own site, prevent same day bookings, the list goes on!

If you set appointments, meetings or have consultations in your business, you need this software to make your life a whole lot easier!

Rochelle Odubela LanaRoc Solutions, Ltd.

Simple Scheduling

Let your customers and clients book a time with you, quickly and easily, right from your website!

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Who Uses TimeSlots?

TimeSlots isn't just for busy professionals...  Anyone can use it
to schedule better!

  • Sales Reps

    Have your prospects and leads schedule their sales calls with you, based on your availability, and collect all the information you need to successfully make the sale!

  • Consultants

    Set up meetings and calls with the people you want to do business with, where they pick a time on your calendar and answer the questions you ask!

  • Podcasters

    Have your listeners schedule calls with you directly, so that you can sell your products and services!

  • Coaches

    Sell your coaching to prospects on the phone or in person by letting your webinar attendees and prospects schedule calls directly with you!

  • Product Owners

    Sell your high-ticket offers directly from a sales calls, with solid data from your clients!

  • Customer Service

    Schedule appointments directly with the customers who are need more advanced support, by asking the right questions up front!

  • Bloggers

    Let your readers schedule a time with you, either for pay or not, where you can ask the questions you need before the call!

  • Local Businesses

    Pick the times you want to meet with your clients, define your quesitons, and start scheduling appointments!

Schedule Smarter

Your prospects, leads and clients choose a time to meet with YOU!

  • Gather Data

    Ask any question you like of your meeting attendees with our tech-free form builder!

  • Fill Up Your Calendar

    Allow your clients or prospects to book calls and meetings with you online!

  • On Your Schedule

    Set your own availability day by day or week by week, so you can set it and forget it!

  • Email Reminders

    Get notified, right to your email inbox, every time a new appointment is set up!

  • Appointment Duration

    Do you like shorter meetings?  Set them up as 15 or 30 minute blocks!  Do you need longer meetings?  60 minutes should work perfectly.

  • Stay On Task

    Save time by quickly linking to your TimeSlots form, instead of constantly juggling everyone’s schedule around to see what fits!

What Can You Use TimeSlots For?

Whenever you're scheduling appointments, meetings or get-togethers, you can use TimeSlots!

  • Sales Calls

    Schedule sales calls with your folks automatically, on your schedule!

  • Meetings

    Book meetings with your staff or your team, going through the talking points before you step foot in a room!

  • Client Appointments

    Let your clients schedule appointments for checkups, inspections, visits and service calls!

  • Discovery Sessoins

    Book your new clients to a call on your time!