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Business Dashboard

CRM Software

Customer Record Management

Email and SMS Text Message Sending

Marketing Campaign Automation

Email and SMS Sends




Email Copy Marketplace App




Unlimited Internal Autoresponder Emails

Unlimited Affiliate Autoresponder Emails

Persona Builder

Customer Avatar Builder

Page Builder Marketplace App




Automated Webinar Framework

Landing Pages

Webinar Registration Page

Confirmation Pages

Video Sales Letter Pages

Advanced Analytics Marketplace App




Comprehensive Website Analytics

Auto-Funnel Conversion Tracking

Manual Funnel Framework Tracking

AI-based notifications

Incoming Traffic Tracking

You'll Love The Simplicity

Point-and-click friendly even if you don't like technology!

  • Marketing Automation

    Automate your marketing by sending out emails that’ll turn prospects into buyers, all on autopilot!

  • Subscriber Insight

    Get a comprehensive look at what a subscriber is doing, what they’ve received, and how they’ve interacted with your marketing messages!

  • Stay Top Of Mind

    Get in front of your prospect more often by sending them email newsletters, blog posts, webinars and other marketing material automatically.

"Marketing automation has single-handedly helped us build a business that just works, on autopilot.  I can concentrate on a few single metrics and trust that the rest of the sales funnel will work itself out..."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my contacts from another email marketing service?

Yes, absolutely.  We don't force a double-optin either so the contacts that you upload will be available to mail almost immediately (we may review the contacts first to ensure future deliverability...)

Can You Help Us Write Email And Set Up Marketing Automation?

Yes.  Even though Axis is easy enough for ANYONE to use it, we do do custom work for clients.  It's often thought of as the "Done For You" program because we get into writing sales material, email copy and setting up all of the marketing for a client.  You're welcome to set up a call and we can discuss it!

Can I Send Questions In Through Email?

Absolutely!  Just email our support desk at [email protected] and a friendly member of our customer service staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

How Do I Cancel?

Simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get your subscription and account cancelled.

How Are Upgrades Handled?

If the number of Comm Credits in your account goes past a theshhold that qualifies you for a bigger plan (ie. 101, 1001, 10,001, etc), you'll receive a notification to upgrade your account.  If you add new users or marketplace apps, you'll agree with the additional fee before the action is performed.

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